Carroll county 4-H shotgun Team is under the direct coaching of Greg Ashworth a NSCA level 1 certified instructor. The coaching Staff include Richard Ashworth, Jeff Posey, Lela Hollingsworth. The practice sessions are held every Thursday afternoon at 4pm. The Season Runs from January to May.

A Child must be at least thirteen (13) years old or in the seventh (7th) grade of school.

  • They must live within Carroll County
  • They must keep their grades above passing
  • They must agree to abide by not only the 4-H codes, but abide by the shotgun team rules and regulations, the most important being gun safety and gun handling
  • They must have a Hunter’s Safety Certificate

(jr. 4-h shooterssr. 4-h shootersThese requirements are statewide for Georgia students. Check with your county extension service agents in other counties or states to verify their policies.)

The coaches try to take the shotgun team on several fun shoots during the year. There is one (1) district qualifying shoot each year leading up to the state shoot at Rock Eagle. At this event, counties from the entire state compete for state titles.

Cost is $150.00 to join the Team and 2 boxes of shotgun shells each practice price varies per season.

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